EditFest NY 2010 Confirms The Editors of Avatar as Panelists

The editors of Avatar, John Refoua and Steve Rivkin, have confirmed as this year's closing night panel! EditFest NY is June 11 -12, 2010 at the DGA Theater in New York City. Go to www.editfestny.com for more details.

MoPictive Presents "Ned's Toybox" Episode I

Ned's Toy Box: Episode I - The Omni Tracker from Manhattan Edit on Vimeo.

MoPictive (The Moving Pictures Collective NYC) presents the first installment of "Ned's Toybox," a regular series reviewing the top new gadgets and tech wonders for today's budget-minded filmmaker.

In Episode I, Ned reviews the Omni Tracker, a super-cool low-cost dolly system for Video DSLRs.

Look for more of "Ned's Toybox", and please email us with suggestions for new products you'd like to see reviewed.

MEWShop Is Selected As A Training Provider For MSG Varsity

Manhattan Edit Workshop Provides Training For MSG Varsity from Manhattan Edit on Vimeo.

Manhattan Edit Workshop was recently selected as a training provider for Cablevision's MSG Varsity Program, an intensive two-day workshop for teachers across the Tri-state area. Click here to continue reading.