Six Week Intensive Workshop


Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm

Our signature Six Week Course in the art and technique of film editing is taught on the two leading industry tools - Avid and Final Cut Pro. The industry uses both. So should you.

This Intensive class provides a complete education - from the art and history of editing to the technical know-how needed on the job.

A comprehensive jump-start for anyone serious about a career as an editor, over half of our Six Week graduates have found work as editors and assistants.

Learn from the best in our Artist in Residence series, where editors of Academy Award winning films guide you on your work and share insights from their own.

As always, every student leaves with a professional Editor's Reel, and those interested in showcasing their work can now have samples posted on a special alumni section of our website.

April 27 - June 5
June 15 - July 24
September 14 - October 23
November 2 - December 11

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Course Cost: $5,750