EditFest NY 2009 Success!

Thank you to those that attended and participated in EditFest NY this year!  
We were all mentally and physically fed by so many top notch editors working on the East and West coast.  Extremely Inspirational Indeed!
Here's a sneak peek of what fellow attendee Gordon Burkell said about his impression of EditFest NY.

"The editors on the comedy panel set the day up well with a good sense of humour. The editors that stood out were Michael Berenbaum, A.C.E. who set up a small joke for the audience when he showed a clip of two characters, from Sex and the City, fighting. Michael prepped us by saying that we were about to witness a fight between two of the main female characters. The lights dimmed, the curtain opened, and the screen projected Michael Berenbaum Sex and the City Clip. All of a sudden we see the wolfman and Frankenstein fighting. Josh, the moderator, yells out that‘s not the clip and when the lights go up Michael put the mic to his mouth and said “Heads are gonna roll” with a sly smile."