Retool Bootcamp Success!

We have had an overwhelming positive response to the Retool Bootcamp!  If you weren't able to make it this go around, do not fear, we will be running it again!  The dates are yet to be determined but definitely in the works.

A few words from a few attendees.    

"The Retool Bootcamp was an onslaught of information that made me think of editing in a whole new way. I left the class feeling both enlightened and excited to use what I learned in class in the field." ~Joe Schuck

"Evan's Retool Bootcamp was awesome!  Very well-paced and very informative.  He's a pretty good instructor!  His energy and interest were super inspiring." ~Karen Encarnacion 

"If you want to learn the latest in applications for film editors, then Evan's bootcamp is a must." ~Lisa Tuvalo