Artist-in-Residence Program: Kate Sanford

The Artist-in-Residence Program is a core component of MEWShop's Six Week Art of Editing Workshop.  Top film editors join the class to screen and discuss their work, while students share their edits for comments and critique.  Recently we had award winning editor Kate Sanford participate.  Six Week Instructor Jamie Hitchings shares the following "Kate discussed her long and creative career, spanning from a production assistant to head editor.  She gave the students powerful insight into the world of editing for television and contrasted that against feature editing.  She was able to convey the tasks of an editor on a day to day basis on "The Wire" such as how the editor fits into the larger team of post production.  The students found this talk informative and had many great questions for Kate, which she answered with great detail."
Look for Kate's visit as part of our podcast series in the months ahead.  

Our next Six Week Intensive Workshop begins September 14th.  Be sure to register before it fills up!