Six Weekers go to Herb and Dorothy

Herb and Dorothy is a fascinating documentary about a couple whose passion has been and is to purchase original works of art.  They met in 1960, a year later were wed and have been purchasing art together ever since!  What kind of art you might ask?  Mostly minimalist art from unknown artists. How would they decide on what to purchase?  Their instincts!  They just had to like it and that was that!  What did they use for income?  Herb's mailman salary!  

This film gives us a peak into relationships built with several artists over the years, including Chuck Close and Sol Lewitt,  and how/why they purchased art as they did.  Herb and Dorothy's one bedroom (rent controlled) apartment was filled from top to bottom with art exploding from every corner... a neat freak's nightmare.  Fortunately, The National Gallery of Art came a calling to assist them in displaying their treasures to help educate America!    

Our very own Guest Lecturers Peter Levin and Barbara Parks were the re-recording sound team for this film.