Masterclass: After Effects August 22nd

We are running another session of our ever popular Masterclass: After Effects on August 22nd. In this intensive, one-day course taught by Marcus Geduld, we'll tour the major features of Adobe After Effects. After learning the interface, we'll dive into

importing assets and timeline animation. We'll round out the morning with effects, nested timelines and rendering. After lunch, we'll launch into some of AE's advanced features, such as Bezier masks, chroma keying, text animation and some advanced effects.

By the end of the day, you'll know After Effects well enough to get tons of real-world work done. You'll also leave with a list of resources you can use to gain further knowledge and take your After Effect's work to the next level.

Topics Include:

  • The Interface.
  • Importing assets.
  • Timeline Animation and the Comp Panel.
  • Effects.
  • Nesting and Precomposing.
  • Rendering.
  • Masks and Paths.
  • Chroma Keying.
  • Text Animation.
  • Advanced Effects.

Each student gets their own workstation. Class will run 10am to 5pm. Course fee is $199.

Click here to register.