Retool Bootcamp: from Broadcast to Broadband is September 17th

Is This Class For You?!?
Do you know how to save multiple gigs of space from your hard drive without removing your own apps or data?
Do you know how to find valuable hidden applications on your mac?
Do you know how to get in control of what your system is working on and where it's power goes?
Do you know why you need a RAID drive system?
Do you know the difference between Firewire 800 and Esata?
Do you know how to streamline your network interfaces?
Can you make your machine play any media file, in almost any codec, for free?
Have you mastered your disk utility application?
Can you FTP files with no application installed?

If you answered NO to any of these, you need to get your brain into BOOTCAMP.

Retool Bootcamp: from Broadcast to Broadband is an intensive three-hour seminar brought to you by Manhattan Edit Workshop that demystifies key areas of the digital media pipeline and fills in knowledge gaps along the way. With a focus on vital workflow concepts and applications used in real-world environments, Retool Bootcamp arms you with an in-depth understanding of how modern work is executed for both broadcast and web delivery. If you live and work in the digital world, Retool Bootcamp will take you to a new level of resourcefulness and efficiency.

Retool Bootcamp is designed and taught by Evan Schechtman, founder of New York’s first and largest Final Cut Pro facility, Outpost Digital. With more than fifteen years experience pioneering new workflows, Evan has created and configured post-production facilities all over the world. Having helped define the cutting edge in digital media workflow, Evan possesses a unique insight into the world of technology, business and promotion.


  • Broadcast Producers
  • Editors/Assistant Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Artists
  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  • Anyone looking for the most up-to-date digital media know-how

Topics Include:

  • Personal System Optimization
  • Windows in a Mac world
  • Storage Topologies and Networking
  • Compression, Transcoding and Access
  • Desktop Media Tricks and Tips
  • WWW Solutions for Media Producers

HD Expo 2009/Createasphere - Thursday September 17, 2009
The New Yorker Hotel
10:30pm - 1:30pm
Course Cost: $199

Early Bird course cost: $149 (students must sign up before September 1, 2009 for this special)

Registration is under the Special Workshops drop down menu on the registration page. Register Here.

Registration to ReTool Bootcamp includes a free pass to HD Expo this September 2009. For more information on the expo go to