Want to learn Avid 101 on Saturdays and Sundays?

Well we have it! Coming up on August 15-16 we have Avid 101 A and then Avid 101 B hitting on August 22-23. Learn the full Avid 101 curriculum over two consecutive weekends.

Avid 101 A : August 15-16

Cost: $1000

This is a two-day weekend course that introduces the concepts of nonlinear editing and includes all basic features of the Avid Media Composer system for Macintosh. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time for experimentation with sample SD and HD material. Topics include: Introduction to Tools & Workflow, Basic Editing, Timeline Editing, Trimming the Sequence, Editing Dialog, Advanced Trimming, Refining Audio, Customizing Your Workspace, Caturing File-Based Media, Organizing Clips and Bins, Managing Media and Delivering the Finished Work.

Students will use Avid Media Composer to capture and organize source footage, edit sync and non-sync material, trim sequences, edit audio, create titles, and output work. The final product will be a finished program. This course is also appropriate for Avid Symphony users.

Avid 101 B: August 22-23

Cost: $1000

This two-day course covers editing and effects in the Avid Media Composer. Class time is divided between demonstration and hands-on-practice. This course is also appropriate for Avid Symphony users.

Topics include: Introduction to Effects, Creating Motion Effects, Introduction to Compositing, Nesting Effects, Perfomance and Rendering, Introduction to Finishing, Creating with Avid Marquee and Review and Approval.

Prerequisites: Students should have completed the 101A Editing with Avid Media Composer course. This class is also suitable for users of Avid Xpress Pro.

Weekend and Two-day intensives are from 10am-6pm.

Students are expected to take Avid MC 101A in conjunction with Avid MC 101B as required by Avid. This class was formely Avid MC 110.

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