New iPhone Application Development Workshop at Mewshop - November 15 - 19!

The Art of the App - November 15 - 19, 2010

At 200,000 apps and growing, the world of iPhone Application development is completely changing both the creative and commercial landscape.  Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Art of the App puts the power of imagination in your hands.

This five-day workshop introduces students to writing iPhone applications in the XCode Integrated Development Environment (IDE), using the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK).
This course is for those who wish to learn how to program with Objective-C and build basic iPhone applications using XCode.  Students with completed projects will distribute their applications through the iTunes App Store at the end of the course.
What You Will Learn:
  •  How to develop Objective-C and iPhone/iPad programs in the XCode IDE
  •  How to design graphical user interfaces (GUI) with Interface Builder
  •  How to build basic applications using the iPhone SDK
  •  How to successfully implement the User Interface Guidelines as defined by Apple
  •  How to handle user input and storing data
  •  How to create view- and table-based apps
  •  How to finalize and upload your app to the iTunes Store.

For more information on this class please click here.