Weekend Post-Production News Roundup

Happy Monday and happy August! Here's a taste of post-production news and current events for the last weekend of July '16.

Video: Fabienne Bouville, ACE talks about taking edit notes for Masters of Sex at Sight, Sound & Story 2015 [MEWTube]

Oliver Peters offers 12 tips for film editors - an interesting piece for discussion, agree or disagree on all of them [DigiMedia Pros]

Speaking of useful tips, Screenlight has compiled a list of five major mistakes editors make while freelancing. [Screenlight]

Supervising sound editor Benjamin Cook talks about creating the sound of sensory overload for the new Cinemax series Outcast [Post Perspective]

Martín Hernández, sound designer on The Revenant, discusses his career and sound philosophy and shares exclusive looks at his process [Avid Blogs]

Finally, Steve Hullfish at Pro Video Coalition talked to the editing team on Star Trek: Beyond (Steven Sprung, ACE, Kelly Matsumoto and Dylan Highsmith) as part of his "Art of the Cut" series [Pro Video]

That's all for now!