Weekend Post-Production News Roundup

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the workweek - here's everything we read and talked about this weekend.

A guide to demystifying expressions selectors in Adobe After Effects - motion graphics artist and designer Joe Clay provides a simple walk-through of this complex tool [Lester Banks]

Have you ever seen a lined script and gone "How the heck do I read this"? Welp, you're in luck: Editstock has a great, coherent guide to your script supervisor's hard handiwork [Editstock]

Adobe Premiere Pro has just introduced a new Team Projects feature in its update - here are ten things that Creative Cloud users need to know [Premiere Bro]

Da Vinci Resolve 12.5.2 is out, and Jonny Elwyn has a rundown of what's new in the update, as well as a few color grading tutorials for the interface [Jonny Elwyn]

What's it like to work with Werner Herzog? As you could probably guess, the answer seems to be "challenging" - his longtime editor of two decades, Joe Bini, dished about collaborating with the iconoclast at TIFF 2016 [No Film School]

Here's a quick tutorial to easily wiggle color in After Effects [Lester Banks]

Finally, if you're considering taking a class at MEWShop and would like to stop by our facility and learn more about our courses, we're having an open house on Wednesday, September 21 from 7-8pm! There will be snacks, guided tours, and all the info you can handle. Come by! You can RSVP here at Eventbrite - registration is free, naturally.