VIDEO: Editor Jeffrey Wolf, ACE on His Process for Cutting Eddie Murphy's SNL Sketch "White Like Me"

Artist in Residence Jeffrey Wolf, ACE on SNL Skit "White Like Me."

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Jeffrey Wolf, ACE, worked with director Ted Demme on "The Ref," "Beautiful Girls," "Monument Avenue" and "Life." He also edited the award-winning film "Holes," "Penn & Teller get Killed" and "Billy Madison." He also worked on "The Longshots" starring Ice-Cube, and directed his first film, the documentary, "James Castle, Portait of an Artist."

In "White Like Me," from Saturday Night Live sketch in the mid 1980’s, Eddie Murphy goes undercover using makeup to see what it is like to be white. The satirical skit follows Murphy as he goes through a number of everyday experiences as a white man. He is shocked to see the many privileges and benefits he receives from other white New Yorkers – from a cocktail party in a city bus to free money at the bank.