Video - Film Editor John Gilroy, ACE on Using Sparse Coverage in "Narc"

Artist in Residence John Gilroy, ACE "Narc." For more information on Manhattan Edit Workshop's 6 Week Editing Intensive and Artist In Residence program please visit:

John Gilroy, ACE, began his career working with Francis Ford Coppola's longtime editor Barry Malkin on "Peggy Sue Got Married" and MEWShop Artist in Residence Jeffrey Wolf, ACE on "Beautiful Girls" and "The Ref." His credits include the Academy Award winning "Michael Clayton", "The Bourne Legacy", "Nightcrawler", "Pacific Rim," "Miracle", "Tumbleweeds", "Narc", "Pride & Glory" and "Duplicity."

"Narc" is a 2002 American crime thriller film written and directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Ray Liotta and Jason Patric. The plot revolves around the efforts of two police detectives in search of the murderer of an undercover police officer. As they investigate, they engage in unethical behavior and uncover dark secrets that will challenge their fragile relationship.