Graham Roberts on "The Contenders," a 360°/Virual Reality look at the 2016 Presidential Race

Graham Roberts on a 360° look at the presidential race. Recorded at "Sight, Sound & Story" on June 10, 2017. Graham Roberts is a 5-time Emmy Award nominated Senior Editor at The New York Times, focusing on innovation in visual journalism. ​ He leads a team that explores new approaches in video, motion graphics, virtual/augmented reality, and immersive visual storytelling. ​ He has received recognition for this work from a number of award-giving bodies, including the Society of News Design, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Awards and the Pulitzer Awards. Graham teaches motion graphics at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and speaks internationally at schools and conferences. "The Contenders": Arenas, auditoriums, restaurants, banquet halls. These are the unexceptional settings of an exceptionally American endeavor: running for president. In these communal spaces, average people have the chance to share a few words with the next Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The next president just might be the man (or woman) sidling up to you in your booth at the diner or trying to shake your hand. Campaign events are a perfect fit for virtual reality because they can seem so unreal themselves.
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