Julina Tatlock talks about the Conan 360 Experience Featuring the Cast of "Suicide Squad"

Julina Tatlock on the Conan 360 experience featuring the cast of "Suicide Squad." Recorded at "Sight, Sound & Story" on June 10, 2017. 

 Julina Tatlock founded 30 Ninjas with Doug Liman in 2008. She is Executive Producer and a Director of the six-part VR mini-series, "Invisible." ​ Tatlock’s awards and nominations include: Two Shorty Awards, three Emmy Nominations (2 Outstanding Original Interactive Programming and Outstanding Work in Long Form Investigative Journalism), one SXSW Nomination (Best Interactive Film/TV Campaign), one TV of Tomorrow Award (Most Most Significant Content Offering), winner of Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary, both the Grand Prize and Best Mixed Media Award at the World Internet Animation Festival, and was nominated for Best Animation Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Prior to founding 30 Ninjas, Tatlock spent 15 years in television working at Martha Stewart Living and Oxygen Media. Conan 360 was created using a completely custom tech and combined with a precision workflow. 30 Ninjas used proprietary technology to deliver a color-graded, denoised, graphics-burned in 360 feed simultaneously to cable television, VR Headset and web, at a latency of less than 1 second and with zero dropped frames across all cameras in 5 days of continuous streaming.   In addition, we also delivered highlight videos within an hour after wrap nightly. 

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