Making the Cut Workshop with Film Historian & Author Bobbie O'Steen Starts Nov 5th!

Understand the art and technique of master editors, led by author and film historian Bobbie O’Steen. Develop a deeper knowledge of the creative thinking behind the process to become a better editor and storyteller.

The purpose of this course is to reveal the art and technique of master editors through the screening and discussion of their work. By doing a cut-by-cut analysis, Bobbie will explain the strategies and decisions behind the editing of many successful films - based on extensive interviews from her books, panels, and event series - which will ultimately empower you to become a better editor and storyteller yourself.
Special Guest Editor TBD! Past guest editors include Michael Berenbaum, ACE (Sex and the City, The Americans), Carol Littleton, ACE (E.T., The Big Chill, Body Heat), Stephen Rotter (The Right Stuff, Enchanted), and Craig McKay, ACE (Philadelphia, Silence of the Lambs). Guest editors will sit in on one of our classes in week two.
Who should attend? Editors, Assistant Editors, Post Supervisors, Directors, Producers and Filmmakers
This class runs Monday & Wednesday for two weeks from 7pm - 9pm

Class Schedule:
  • CLASS ONE (Monday, November 5th - 7pm - 9pmFROM DAILIES TO FINAL CUT: Revolutionary use of camera editing and music. Film - The Graduate.
  • CLASS TWO (Wednesday, November 7th - 7pm - 9pm) DIALOGUE: Subtext, eyelines, and breaking rules. Films - 12 Angry Men, Chinatown, Gosford Park, Sideways, Black Swan, Moneyball, I Tonya.
  • CLASS THREE (Monday, November 12th - 7pm - 9pmBEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS: Setting up a world and the payoff. Films – A Hard Day’s Night, Bonnie & Clyde, Annie Hall, All That Jazz, The Big Chill, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Michael Clayton.
  • CLASS FOUR (Wednesday, November 15th - 7pm - 9pmSEX and SUSPENSE: The build-up and point of view. Films - Rear Window, Body Heat, Rosemary’s Baby, The French Connection, Body Heat, Silence of the Lambs, Out of Sight, Argo.

Course Cost: $599.00

About the instructor: Bobbie O’Steen is a writer and film historian, dedicated to sharing the editor’s invisible art. She is an Emmy-nominated editor and author of two acclaimed books: "Cut to the Chase," based on interviews with her late husband and colleague, legendary editor Sam O’Steen; and "The Invisible Cut," which deconstructs classic movie scenes through a cut-by-cut analysis. She is a frequent moderator for American Cinema Editors’ EditFest panels and host of her own “Inside the Cutting Room” event series.
She has also taught at the American Film Institute, graduate film workshops at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has created an ongoing course, “Making the Cut,” based on her interviews with over sixty editors. O’Steen’s next project is a media-rich eBook called "Making the Cut at Pixar" about the editor's pioneering role in computer animation.